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SA - Sanitary Types
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Jual SA - Sanitary Types

Spesifikasi SA - Sanitary Types

BADOTHERM sanitary seals are designed for pressure, level and (dp) flow measurements in food and pharmaceutical industries where the formation of bacteria needs to be prevented by reducing or eliminating blind spaces where process product could remain and thus creating impurities, bacteria by e.g. fermentation. As such these seals allow for easy cleaning by means of either threaded or clamp quick couplings. These seals are standard in stainless steel AISI 316(L), very exceptionally these industries require special wetted parts such as C-276. Obviously the selected fill fluid for this type of seals must meet FDA and other regulation, as such in the vast majority of applications, BSO-40 (see chapter III) is selected. All these seals and fill fluid are suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Process) applications. Other aseptic flanged sanitary connections are available on request.

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